Lib Tech Mc Step Tail 2017/18 WAS: $559.95
NOW: $449.00


The MC Step tail is the powder focused evolution of Matt’s Coho model. “I wanted more effortless glide and float but still turn like a sports car”. Development of prototypes for the Step Tail was based on a foundation of Matt’s 25 plus years of board design, applied to prototypes cut from the Lib Tech “Blank”, and ridden with a crew of ripper friends at Baldface Lodge. “The best part was watching people’s stoked faces after a run… the boards were gone every run after that! The initial designs were so floaty I had to narrow up the tail to keep the board from catching air after landing an air. I tuned it to perfection with the help of my friends… enjoy!” FLOAT LIKE A BIRD, STING LIKE A BEE RIDICULOUS AMOUNT OF SPEED AND FLOAT, MAKES A GOOD DAY AN AMAZINGLY FUN DAY Art by Matt Cummins

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